Replacing Front Fog Light Bulbs
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Remove Fuse
  1. Loosen the retainer screw and take out the beam unit together with the retainer. Remove the rubber cover, and disconnect the cords.
    Before replacement, make sure the front fog light or driving light switch is off.
    If the connector is tight, wiggle it.
Replacing the Bulb
  1. Release the bulb retaining spring and remove the bulb. Install a new bulb and bulb retaining spring.
    To install a bulb, align the protrusion of the bulb with the cutout of the mounting hole.

    Bulb Selection
    Use a bulb with a 55 W (H3).

    Only use a bulb of the specified type above.
    Do not touch the glass part of the bulb with bare hands. If you do, clean the glass with alcohol and a clean rag.

Reassemble the Fog light
  1. Connect the cords. Install the rubber cover with the tab upward. and snuggle onto the boss.
    Make sure the rubber fits snugly on the mounting body.
Reinstall the Foglight
  1. Install the unit with the "TOP" mark on the glass upward, plugging the connector. Install the retainer.